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You are welcomed to read through the journey

that Early New went through

in staying with her animal encounters.

She loves animals very much

to even want to stay with them

in the work area.

She also has a dream about welfare for animals.

All that can help the dream realized

is through the efforts

in the world we are living in.

If any leader who has the same dream,

be influential and make it come true.

It does the same good 
no matter who in the world
makes it fulfilled

Happy and Love, Faith


December 29,2018


On this day my families wanted to go to a all-you-can-eat restaurant for celebrating the new year's eve. My sister went ahead of time, and called me on the road that she found an injured bird lying on the road.

She mentioned to want to bring her to hospital, and we decided cancelling this gathering. Then sister brought this bird home and said that the vet did not cure this bird, and said he/she needed rest to recover.

That night, we accompanied this bird and I cheered him up by saying prayer to him. I noticed that his body was cold even though he still open eyes and shaked his feather sometimes.

I then used my hand to hold him, and found that his temperature seems warmer. I was happy and enthusiastic about him, and thought to want to adopt him to raise at home.

Then I need to take a shower before bedtime. I put him back to cage. And while came back to want to continue to warm him, my family said it seemed this bird did not move at all and looked still.

I was shocked and sad. Because I thought he/she can be saved by resting at our house.

This time, I collected the sadness, and wanted to do something for this bird. I called my eldest sister who had some experience in handing the injured or dead animal when no one handled it.

I also checked others' experiences. Then we decided to place him in the delicate box finely, which is what we can do to make him a cradle to heaven, to care for him in a nice resting place to say goodbye to the world.

My sister and I cooperated for taking care of the funeral. We went to buy a nice box, and a card. And we prayed to wish him/her well.



December 14, 2018

Happy turtle!

Now this rescued turtle is staying in my home. Each day he is getting more and more accustomized to the new home we created for him. Seems that he is satisfied in this bigger space.

The first night he came home with me, I immediately changed the size of his home, from S to M. Step by step, I changed from M to L. As I observed, he is fine with it now.

I remember during the last few weeks, I keep trying to figure out what more to put in his home box. It was a spontaneous process. Wherever I went, I saw wood, then I picked it home for him. I saw brick, then I picked three for him. Lately we even built a swimming pool for him, and now, he stays in there all day. He really likes the pool!

This is what I expect. Bring this rescued turtle home, and created a better home for him.
But I still thank the previous feeder, who kept this turtle for five months. There was just very few water on the bottom and the box is small. The point is it was amazing this turtle can live in the waterless environment for so many months. Compared to now, I know that he really loves to stay in the water, just all day!
Thankfully we finally figure out what he likes.

Nov. 29, 2018
I really adopted the rescued Turtle now

The day before yesterday, I went to the family who adopted the rescued turtle who they raised for almost five months already. The wife said they heard from one of their friend saying that the turtle still needs to get back to where he belongs to, which is the lake in a distance away where there is an artificial lake with many turtles living there.

I know. I know..humans may have perspectives depending on many reasons..

It reminds me of how little I knew about turtle species still one month ago.

Remember I mentioned in the below that I went to the park and observed the turtle for the first time and find out the truth that they have souls. As I see, those turtle can stay in and under the water and also would climb up to the stone around to sunbathe. They are the species who belong to the lake.

So, I did not really feel ok that this rescued turtle will stay comfortable if the family bring him to a place where he never live before and just because people think there are "a group of turtles" living there?

Even people say they hear that the group of turtles are same species with this rescued turtle, I still pursuade the family not to hurry to bring him to the lake. And I soon, decided to want to bring him home.

Again, just like the reason I adopted QuaQua back in the year 2008, I adopted this rescued turtle from another family now.

While one human has perspective at a certain moment that seems different with another human, however, at another moment of life, the perspective may change and become the same.

Before, I might think the same way as they do. Now I guess if rescued turtle came to a human's house for no reason, he could possiblly be adopted by human as pet. Since we are not sure where his habitat is, and he might come across some uncertain factor not being able to survive in the new habitat..

And, the modern city with humans mainly dominating has many dangers existing for wild life. I remember to have considered a quite long time to decide whether to adopt QuaQua cat as pet and bring him home. I consulted from stray cat adopters, neighbors who feed stray cat

Anyway, it seems that this rescued turtle's freedom to live in the nature is deprived. Somehow, since I can't be sure whether the habitat the family is going to release him would be ideal for him or not, I would just take him home and think that he would be safer at human home. Or maybe while he crawled to his first adopter's home, it has meant that he wants connection with humans.

Since it is my very first time rasing a turtle home, and a rescued one, I am learning knowledge about it. I hope to keep him happy in my home, as happy as can be.

Oct. 26, 2018
Harmony with stray cat

There is a kind of long story between cats species and me. I hope one day I can share some process with you, because sharing is simply joyful.

The idea that comes into shape is still miles away. There is just a few pictures that come up about the ideal world I hope for, and I know I am not expert on this area, but I can share the thoughts, and hope to brainstorm with like-minded people.

Everyone has needs for fun. Without fun, the daily life is tedious. For people who intergrate with people world well, they obtain fun through interacting with people. For some others, besides interacting with other people, they also "integrate" with animals, and also obtain fun.

Among these who intergrate with animals, besides those who intergrate with Wild animals, some integrate with House Pets, and some integrate with Stray animals.

I often see the storie sharing from pet lovers, and most have their loving way taking care of the pet.

For me, it is not that I do not care for other areas. I just hope to keep focusing on one area, which is the stray animals group, making the idea even more sound.

I long for seeing a world, where humans and animals who live in the city and not adopted by people, can happily live together. I believe it is a mutual benificial way for both species.

For humans who love animals and can obtain fun simply by seeing them, they are nurtured, inspired, and comforted already, if these stray animals appear around. So, this idea is good to some humans.

For stray cats who are not adopted yet by people for some reasons, if their existence brings joy and fun for some groups of people, it is worth to also consider their well-being, purly from their living rights, not just out of the benefits of their worth to humans.

And now, let's assume here we have a community in the big city, any big city in the world, where houses, cars, tall buildings and more city sights dominate the city look. Yes, that is a kind of situation - dominate.

Let's say if the city looks is created by city planner, then they are the crutial people who can change the world - which world? The world I hope to see there is a happy balance between human and stray animal species.

Me personally has a love story with a stray cat, so I would choose them as a representative species, to share the idea.

This idea is to happily see the city looks won't just appear with only concrete buildings, roads, shops, walking people, and etc. Obviously this kind of city look is designed only for humans.

Yet I still remember, if back to the origin of the birth of Earth, every species is created and live together on Earth. We humans are one of them, only.

If we can identify the truth and remember how the history came along, we often hear the news about which species is endangered in quantity dropping and needs be protected.

(To be continued)

Oct. 22, 2018
Visiting the turtle

I visited this factory in the evening, and met with the owners. They are husband and wife, and treated me nicely while I explained why I visited them.

The wife immediately led me to watch this little thing which I thought is full of luck, for it ain't easy at all to cross this busy road where trucks, car, scooters keep passing by.

I was amazed by how lovely he looks in the bucket where some shallow water was put. While we chatted the wife brought the turtle out and praised him that he is a racer who can crawled really fast. And he really did! He started to crawl like a very vigorous one who is eager to get on road again..I was just so happy to watch him crawl right in front of me, and somehow missing the one I saw last week who did not cross the road.

Sorrows was turned to best wishes to the existing turtle friends, I hope. So I felt so happy for this turtle who was just acting like innocent baby.

Then the husband came, and I asked several questions. He said he's never seen turtles until two months ago when there were heavy rain continued for almost two weeks. During then on one day he saw a dried turtle shell nearby. Then, another day he opened the factory office door and saw this little creature staying right in front of him. He had no idea from where this turtle crawled.

I told him how amazing it was if he crawled from the other side. 

I still keep thinking of the one who I saw last week. Yet I am really amazed how lucky and how unbelievable this surviving little turtle had crawled the road overcoming traffic.

The husband mentioned to want to release this turtle back to a pond in a nearby park. Yet his kid hopes to keep it. He is still keeping this turtle now as pet, and seems the turtle is living ok there.

Modern world has many dangers for wild animals to live, even though their nature shall be to live in the nature.

This is a delimma.

No matter this family decides to keep the turtle as pet or release into nature, I always wish good fortune of this turtle to happily live on earth!

Oct.19, 2018
Another Turtle in the house

Today evening I went on the same road, and met with a person who was walking by where I met the turtle last week. We talked a while, and I finally had a little idea of how the turtle appeared in this area.

He said he only saw turtles since two months ago, and there has been several of them hit by vehicles.

Also he did not see any turtle for the past six year since he moved here. So we both had question how the turtle suddenly appeared recently in this area.

Something more cheerful is that he said there is one turtle successfully crossing the road, and crawled into their factory. Now that turtle is being raised by people there as a pet.

I think next week I will go visit him. Need cheer for this little one!

The person mentioned there are farms and ditches in this area, and I guess maybe there is a habitat of theirs in this area. He said he did not know.

I wish I can contact some wild life researchers whose major interest in on turtle species to visit this place. And if there is a habitat in this area, then I hope the speed limit shall really be implemented.

I know the person I was talking to did not buy this point, since he said this is industrial zone and cars are just to be fast..

Somehow if there is turtle braised in here, there shall be a way to reach balance.

I wanna visit this survival turtle next week!

Oct, 15, 2018
 A turtle who crossed the road

This is a positive sharing. After five days to self heal by some ways. A once teaful story can now actually bring encouragement to the earth.

The apology is on me if reading the following story might make you moody in some ways. But I hope with courage to share, I did let go of the sadness, and turned this into a experience to share. So when more people are coming across the similar situation, they can react quickly, to make things better!

It's been four days since a thing that occurred, on Oct. 11. Now I shared 'cause I hope to have reacted to the environment more quickly.

That evening was really dark, and I was riding a scooter on a small narrow road. This road has many big trucks that come and go, quite unsafe for riders.

As I rode ahead, I spotted a very small black thing that was stuck in the fast lane, not moving. I could not identify what it was actually, then while I approached I saw him, and he reminded me of some cute little lives I just saw yesterday in the park, where there is an artificial lake with fishes, ducks and turtles showing themselves around.

In the park, there were several turtles who climbed up the rock, sunbathing with one on top of the other. I found them funny with their heads rising up, looking far. At that moment, that scene made me believe that turtle also has a soul.

I was actually very enlightened by this discovery, because no one ever mentioned this to me, and now I found out that turtles do have a soul, just like humans. This is not taught from scholar. And I found it out and thought it this way from my own feelings.

So I start to want to understnad them, adoring them more, just from yesterday. I had little chance access to any turtle all my life, so I barely had any impression on them. This was probably due to that I myself had a cat to raise and I placed most focus on my cat.

So, that night while I passed that little black thing on the fast car lane, just while he was next to me and I saw his head, the idea just jumped into my mind that told me : That was a turtle! I saw similar one in the park yesterday..

While my scooter kept going ahead, then in three seconds I pulled over and turned back to where I just passed by the little thing. With instinct, everyone would be pretty alike, to want to help moving the turtle away from the middle of the road.

While I came back and parked well, it was just like ten seconds. And all of a sudden,  before I can sense anything, a really big truck whirled itself through across the road, between the little thing, and me..

The reason till today I was still sad was because, I witnessed the whole process, seeing that the turtle could be scared off by the strong lighting sent from the truck, and he started to move by himself to want to continue moving ahead to the other side.

And, I could not believe my eyes that while he moved, the wheel of the truck just run over him while he moved.

I heard the sound of his turtle shell breaking, and..

I could not speak, while seeing this, with several minutes long.

Just when I was about to move him away from the road, the situation did not give me and the turtle a chance at all.

I wasn't given the chance to even shout to the driver to stop.

All happened in seconds.

Then some cars continued to pass by, and I wanted to shout to them not to keep running over on him, but i could not shout at all, since I started burst into crying.

I was all lost while seeing this for just these seconds, and did not know what to do, since I had no experience at all about saving a turtle.

Then I decided to leave the spot, tears not stopping on my way riding home. I rode really slow like 20 kilometer, since I kept thinking how SPEED is the reason why the turtle got run over.

I wondered what went wrong with the truck driver since he could have seen the turtle from driving seat, but he still decided to keep full speed driving ahead without stopping..

Then I also feel bad to put the blame without really talking with the driver to figure out why he decided to do that. In human world, everyone has a story that no one understands if no communication to be channeled.

So I stopped finding the faults. All I could do on my way home was with my own tears to mourn for the turtle who I started to feel like close.

Then I wanted to start doing something positive to want to do something for the turtles. I thought there could be same environmental issues with the turtle species, so I googled and found out it is true that lots of turtles are facing the same issues of cross the road danger.

I believe that there must be some reason they have to cross the road, and no one can change this fact. All we can do is to avoid same accident to happen to other turtles.

Then I realized there are so many knowledgeable people who teach how to help turtle cross the road.

And I still feel sad for this turtle who passed away since the road he was climbing was the busy road with many big trucks that are speedy.

He was just unfortunate to have to climb on that dangerous road.

And I also wished that if he could have just remained not moving while the truck drove by, for he might have chances to stay safe since the wheel seems not going over where he stayed.

But he just simultaneously moved ahead, and the wheel..

This was really sad to see. It showed how innocent this little creature was, and he was so lost while staying on the road, and he got no help at that time.

That's why I felt so sympathetic about this turtle, for his innocence. In some ways, I also felt he sacrificed for some kind of unfriendly city planning that humans have done.

It was the SPEED.

Then I thought if there is speed limit on that road, perhaps drivers would be more able to notice and to watch out on a turtle like him who stays in the middle of the road, not moving.

And this could be one of the solutions to most of the roads nowadays while turtles may appear.

Speed does not allow to enjoy the view. It also does not allow correct and instant response if there is situation.

Just when drivers are driving slowly, they can have the ability to react what's around them. while speeding, driver could not feel what is by the side, mostly.

Then I wish the truck driver who run over the turtle in this incident, could have driven slower, maybe just like me a scooter rider with 20 kilometer in speed, so he might have the senses coming back to notice there is a life ahead and he can choose to pull over in a safe way too.

I know in real world speed limit could not get down so slow as i imagine. I just thought for every area, if there's living creatures who often show up, then it is good and sweet to think for these lovely creatures who color our environment by their liveliness! The speed limit can be discussed to make it work for the time to notice around.

(to be continued)

Oct, 15, 2018
Condolence to A turtle who crossed the road

Nov. 24, 2017

Early New's cat QuaQua has been ill for seven days. He just would not eat. Please pray for him with good faith. For the over ten years of living together with her, QuaQua always stays healthy and never went to a doctor. Recently Early had to bring him for medical check and medicine taking. She does not want to say things not positive for QuaQua's health situation. She just keeps taking good care of him, saying wonderful encouraging words toward him, and just always saying : I want you to stay with me, Qua. Don't choose to leave. Life is still good for you as a good cat to look and see. So dears, please pray for QuaQua in still belief, if you also ever heartfeels to have a loving animal friend being ill in some moments. They can turn to alive with steady human love around.

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