Watch EarlyNew's favorite cat QuaQua who's accompanied her since 2007

Nov. 24, 2017

Early New's cat QuaQua has been ill for seven days. He just would not eat. Please pray for him with good faith. For the over ten years of living together with her, QuaQua always stays healthy and never went to a doctor. Recently Early had to bring him for medical check and medicine taking. She does not want to say things not positive for QuaQua's health situation. She just keeps taking good care of him, saying wonderful encouraging words toward him, and just always saying : I want you to stay with me, Qua. Don't choose to leave. Life is still good for you as a good cat to look and see. So dears, please pray for QuaQua in still belief, if you also ever heartfeels to have a loving animal friend being ill in some moments. They can turn to alive with steady human love around.